Our Core Values

At Charlton House we have set of core company values in place, which form the foundation of all operational and support. Our values are more than a set of words and logos. They influence and govern every decision we make and everything we do. They are the cornerstones of our approach to training, recruitment, staff development, customer service, and remain in the forefront of our minds in our everyday activities.


The staff at each site work together as one team, with one goal and a shared vision: to deliver an exceptional customer experience.


Our employees have a passion for what they do and a pride in our company.

Whether food, service or support workers, our people want to be the best at what they do and are passionate about the overall customer experience.


We encourage employees to be brave and ambitious. They find innovative solutions and creative ideas to keep the customer engaged and interested.


Our aim is to improve continually. We are never complacent and constantly seek customer feedback to ensure our actions and service style makes the customer feel valued and respected


Each member of staff takes responsibility for their own actions, recognising the impact they have on the customer and the difference their role makes in the overall customer experience.

By recruiting and training the right employees, and by focusing our daily activities on our company values, we can ensure the highest standards of service, delivered by employees who care about what we do and the customers we serve.

Our core values guide us in all of our training endeavours. Our whole team from Board Director to Kitchen Porter attends an inspiring workshop called ‘You canmake a difference’. This further embeds our values and policies relating to equality opportunities and diversity.