Taking Care of our Customers’ Wellbeing

The health of our customers is incredibly important to us, and we know from speaking to our clients that employee health is of the utmost importance to them too.

Many of our customers will eat two of their three daily meals at one of our restaurants, which puts us in a position of responsibility that we take very seriously. Our “WellbeingbeingWell” range of healthy food and drinks is just one of the ways that we work to care for this responsibility.

The range has been formulated in consultation with award winning nutritionist Amanda Ursell and informed by the latest knowledge and research in dietetics. Amanda has weekly columns in

The Times and The Sun and a monthly column in Sainsbury’s and Healthy magazine, regularly contributes to Harper’s Bazaar, and she is editor of Wellbeing magazine as well as nutrition editor for Sainsbury’s Magazine. She is the most widely read nutritionist in the UK, with a combined readership of over 20 million a month.

Amanda strongly believes that what you eat affects how you feel and perform throughout the day.

She has teamed up with us to target key messages about how simple changes to the diet can have a profound effect on one’s mood, work performance, health and wellbeing during the working day.

Of course, a healthy diet is a balanced diet, so customers needn’t worry about grey meals with not a treat in sight. We put as much love and care into our wellbeing items as any other dish – the result is a surprising range of tasty food items with a nutritional profile you might not expect.

In addition to food and beverages that our customers can enjoy, our Wellbeing concept encompasses resources for to help them make better informed choices at home and throughout their gastronomical lives! These resources include handy mini guides and our dedicated website which receives over 1000 hits per day.