Delivering on Promises at Wolters Kluwer

In May 2010, Charlton House won a contract to provide catering services to multinational organisation, Wolters Kluwer in Kingston and Hinckley. The previous year we had lost out to a competitor who appeared amazing, thanks to their unrealistic pricing structure.

Of course when things seem too good to be true, they often are. Six months into the contract, the client was bitterly disappointed with both the quality and financial performance of the contract. The incumbent caterer had not delivered on promises made during the tender process, and so the client decided to review the catering provision. Wolters Kluwer had been impressed with Charlton House during the tender process. Our clear commitment and ability to deliver promises clinched the deal, and we were awarded the contract.

We set about mobilising an improved service at Kingston, where we serve 500 employees, and Hinckley, where we serve 200.

Wolters Kluwer has diverse catering facilities, and we provide hospitality at both sites. Because of the variety of the offer and because of the client’s experience with the previous caterer, we carried out a thorough mobilisation to ensure that our changes were safe, efficient and caused minimal disruption to staff and our new client.  

The client was delighted with notable improvements in all areas of the service, including the food quality. Most importantly, we have introduced freshly prepared dishes rather than the frozen products that were previously served.

Financially, we have provided the client with some much needed security and stability by immediately and substantially reducing the subsidy, and fixing it, reducing risk to Wolters Kluwer and supporting their financial objectives.

“We had invested a lot of money in these new facilities because we see good quality food at a value for money price as paramount to the performance of our staff. We were not getting what had been promised, and costs were getting out of control. Charlton House were strong with their financial commitment, and I felt they were the right choice to take the cafés to where we needed them. Their on-site teams are highly motivated and well supported by the operational teams that regularly visit site and help drive ideas through. The new sales levels speak for themselves. I am delighted. My only regret is that we did not choose Charlton House the first time.’ – Andrew Ayers, HR Director, Wolters Kluwer