We Empower Our Chefs

Steve Broadhurst Chef Manager at DLG The Wharf had been with a competitor at the site for twelve years before Charlton House took over. He is delighted with the change.

Steve is now able to work with superior ingredients, and has access to a range of suppliers. He felt that the previous caterers cut corners, and it showed in the food. He feels supported but never dictated to. He was kept informed throughout the tender process and mobilisation, so he always knew what developments were coming and how these would affect him and his team.

“This has been a great, positive change. It’s like running my own business!”

Before Charlton House took over, Steve tended to “hide” in the kitchen, and wasn’t keen on talking to the customers. With the poor ingredients and the lack of freedom, he found it very hard to take pride in his work. Happily, all that has now changed completely.

“I’ve got my passion back. I’m proud of my food now, so I don’t mind coming out of the kitchen!”

Now he can stand by his dishes and talk them through with his customers. He believes that Charlton House have brought back an emphasis on skills that was lacking with the previous caterer. Steve and his team’s skills are utilised and developed and it shows in the food and service.

DLG has quite a young employee base. The freedom to create his own menus and choose his supplies allows Steve to tailor his dishes to his customer niche. For instance they often opt for street food style offers, quick bites and items you can hold in your hands (such as wraps) and he can make sure he provides and emphasises these types of products.

It’s not just Steve who feels better and appreciates the change – his customers now seem happier and he is receiving far more positive feedback. We nurture and encourage our chefs’ skills to ensure that they are motivated and able to produce the very best for our clients and their employees.

This return to pride and passion is a common theme among our chefs, for instance Martin Avery at Thames Water who said that “since Charlton House took over at Thames Water, I got my passion for food back” and PZ Cussons’s Paul Winder, who believes that Charlton House’s recognition of talent, pride and passion shines through in the dishes.